Professional Audio Services

Who are we? What are we about?

Setting up a sound system is no trivial task. It is hard work, both physically and mentally. It's not just a matter of grabbing a bunch of equipment, throwing it together and that's good enough. What makes us different is our head engineer and his love of audio. One listen to our sound system and you will hear the difference.

For us, the event begins when the customer confirms they wish to hire our services. This can be days, weeks or months before the actual event date. It is not just a matter of showing up on the date of the event and then hoping for the best. A good sound system is a constantly maintained and working sound system. Just like with anything else, things can go wrong, parts can break, cables can fail and things need to be repaired. At each event, problems are noted and addressed after the event is over. Before each event, the entire sound system is set up and every bit of equipment is tested to ensure it is functioning fully. All problems discovered are addressed and fixed and tested again. Damaged cables are repaired or replaced, with unfixable cables being marked as bad and placed out of production. A typical event will involve over 20 hours of preparation work. This is done to ensure that our customers get the best possible sound system. This constant use of our sound system also means that our chief engineer is constantly working to improve his skills and get the most out of the entire sound system,.We do not take anything for granted, we must ensure that everything is functioning properly.

We are the ones who show up three hours early. We coordinate with the venue, get power, run cables and move over a ton of gear(literally) inside and begin the work.

One person sets up the main mix position. Placement of the racks of gear, ensuring all the cables are connected properly, ensuring power is operational. Another two people start working on the lighting system. This involves setting fixtures, raising them into position, focusing the fixures and testing each fixture. The head engineer sets up the main sound system, each speaker on a stand, all the wiring done properly. Each speaker is properly aimed to ensure that there is even coverage and no acoustic problems. After the sound system is set up and a basic sound check is done, then it is time to set the stage. The monitors are rung out and all the band equipment is set and tested. The entire crew double and triple checks for problems and ensures that guest safety is addressed, taping down cables and wires as needed.

Typically, we have to deal with the photography crew and have to loan them cables and power strips. We have to also work with the videographer. Sometimes we have to adjust some lights in our system to help with the videographer and the photographer. We help the people with the cake. And when the decorating crew arrives, we're helping them with some of the decorations, especially when they want to attach to the sound and lighting system. We are making up for all the possible weak points that the other hired crews involved in the event have.

During the event, our chief engineer is focused only on providing the highest quality of sound services for the event. At this point, the rest of the crew is taking a much needed and well deserved break, having done a job well done. They do assist the head engineer as needed, when possible.

After the event, our crew is tired. They've all put in long days and moved a lot of heavy gear and done a lot of physical and mental work. But now the event is over. The decorators tear down their decorations, the cake has been cut up and served, and the restaurant staff is clearing tables. Our crew will spend the next hour or more carefully taking all aspects of the sound system down, packing it up and moving it back into the trailer for the trip home. While tear-down goes faster than set-up, it is just as difficult and requires the same heavy moving that set-up involved.

Another job well done.