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Getting Married?

Weddings are supposed to be that perfect day for the couple getting married. People spend thousands on food, drinks, flowers and decorations. When it comes to the entertainment for the reception, it is always given a second thought. With Studio42, concert quality sound is within your budget. Isn't your event worth the best?

Hiring a band is always a good idea. People like live entertainment. Usually, the band is trying to do double-duty, trying to not only play, but do the sound as well. The end result is neither task is done very well, resulting in poor sound and feedback problems. With Studio42, you have a dedicated sound company handling all the sound requirements for the band, done properly so that we can hear the room as well. Whether you have us provide the band or you hire a band of your own, the needs of your entertainers and the needs for sound reinforcement are properly handled. Top of the line gear, operated by a world class engineer. Now the band can focus on playing their absolute best, while the sound is clear.

Live Band Live Band and lights

If karaoke is more your style, we have a large Vietnamese karaoke catalog and an ever-increasing English karaoke selection. Karaoke is a good option if you want your guests to entertain themselves and save some money. Guests don't like to sing when they can't hear themselves or they are afraid of feedback. Guests do not like to sing through a poor sounding sound system. Studio42 addresses all of these problems and more. We provide a 19-inch monitor for lyric cueing in addition to multiple floor monitors so the singers can hear themselves. We properly set up the monitors to prevent feedback. Then your guests get to sing through a concert quality sound system, complete with a world class engineer. We put request sheets and catalogs on every table so guests can pick the songs they want. You can download PDF files of our catalogs right here. Just because karaoke costs less, we still give you world class sound.

Karaoke and lights Karaoke and lights

We can handle small stages, small areas, large stages, large areas. Indoors and outdoors. It doesn't matter if you have 20 guests, 200 guests, 2000 guests or any number in between, we can handle your event.

Outdoor Wedding under Tents. Sound and Lights.
Client hired 2 Live bands and multiple featured singers. Very Large area
Live band with lights, large room
Karaoke with lights set-up, small space Live Band, small space

We work hard. We arrive hours before your event and get things set up. Staging, monitors, lighting, sound, mix position and more. We prepare the stage for your event so when the band arrives, things are ready to go.

Stage Are Set-up for Live Band with lights. Stage Area set-up for Karaoke with lights.

Do you want lighting? Lighting for the stage? Lighting for dancing? We have a good selection of lighting to light up the stage and entertainers as well as lights for the dance floor. With our multiple trusses, we can light large stages, large dance floors and large areas, in addition to providing your decorators many more options for their decorations.

Lights and Sound for karaoke. Karaoke and Lighting with client's decorations hung from lighting truss.

Studio42 offers more choices, more capability and more selection than any other company. Studio42 is not just a sound company, but a complete entertainment company. Concert-class sound at rates that are amazingly low. Studio42 is your absolute best value for your money.

Sound and Lights for Karaoke Sound and Lights for Karaoke
Live Band, sound and lights Live Band, sound and lights

Studio42 has the equipment, the talent and the experience to provide your event with the absolute best in class sound at the best value. Your event is handled by professionals who want to provide you with the best entertainment and the best sound.

Sound and Lights for Karaoke Live Band in a small space
Live Band, sound and lights 2 Live Bands, sound and lights, photography and videography

If your wedding is small or large, we can provide you with the best quality sound. Should you need services for multiple events at multiple locations, we can accomodate those requests as well. We have flexible, scalable and adaptable solutions to ensure your event is properly done. Do not be afraid of the large console and big mains. You can afford it.

Live Band with Lights Live Band With Lights

Live Band

Live duo and lighting

Professional gear. Professional audio engineer. Professional crew. World Class Sound. Top quality equipment. Years of experience. Studio42 offers a complete solution. Don't rent and try to do it yourself. Don't be cheap and go for the lowest price because you will get what you pay for. For prices competitive with hiring a band, you can get concert quality sound and entertainment for your wedding reception. When you hire the best, you get the best. Book your event now!

Outdoor Sound for Wedding Service, followed by Live Band for entertainment at reception

Lighting and Sound for Music Playback and MC. Sound and Lighting for karaoke at reception at private residence.