Professional Audio Services

Rental Policy: If you are reading this, then you are interested in renting equipment from Studio42. Please read the following statement:

We do not rent out our equipment. Thank you for reading this statement.

Typically with renting, you run into the following problems, including but not limited to:
  • Your own lack of knowledge.
  • Missing equipment you did need because you didn't realize it was necessary.
  • Having to get it, set it up, operate it, tear it back down and return it.
  • Your own lack of experience to operate the equipment properly.
  • Not knowing how to troubleshoot the equipment should there be problems.

    For your event, do you want to have to handle that much more work? Setting up a sound system isn't some simple "throw it together and hope for the best" type of situation. Getting the gear to work is one thing. Getting the gear set up properly is an entirely different thing. Getting sound is simple. Getting good sound takes considerable more effort. On the date of your event, you most likely have better things to do than figuring out what wire goes where and why, or figuring out why things sound bad or are not working.

    For a little bit more money over renting, you can hire us. We bring it, we set it up, we operate it, we tear it down, we take it away. We have all the parts, all the wiring, all the cabling, microphones, amplification, speakers, you name it, we have it. We do the hard work, you get to do something better with your time.