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What service is complete without recording? Not many live sound production companies can offer full recording services for their clients. Our background comes from studio recording, so we have quite a bit of recording equipment. As a result of the past, we can offer our customers more recording options.

What do you want? What do you need? How do you need it? These are common questions we ask our customers who request recording services. We offer a wide variety of choices for recording, more than many regional facilities. With so many choices to offer to clients, it helps makes their event that much more memorable.
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[Recording Rig]
  • Multi-Track recording: We can provide multi-track recording services via an 8-track 1/2" analog reel to reel tape machine, or we can provide 8-track recording services directly to ProTools. Should you need more, we can configure ProTools to optimize track usage, as well as slave ProTools to the analog multi-track for 15 tracks of full playback and record. We can record a band and then mix it down later in a better environment to help produce a more polished and refined final product on a CD. Studio or live environments are no problem. Live multi-track recordings from concerts are ideal for bands to generate new material for B-sides or live album releases.

  • Direct to DVD recording. We can transfer your old tapes to DVD, as well as facilitate original DVD projects. During live events, we can run a video camera and record video from the camera and audio from the console directly to a DVD at the venue. This unique service can capture your performance for family and friends to see and hear. You can literally walk out the door with a DVD of your performance.

  • Direct to CD recording. Capture your singing at an event to CDR. Listen to it on your car stereo on the way home. Share it with your friends. Hit the stage, sing, and leave with a CD of your performance. Recording directly from the console to CD is a very quick and convenient method of recording concerts.

  • Cassette Recording. For those who need a quick reference, we can record to analog cassette. Although we do not prefer this format, it does get the job done quickly and easily. While not as good as going directly to CD, cassette recording directly from the console is another method of recording concerts.

  • DAT tape recording. For those customers who require the usage of DAT tape(4mm), we can facilitate those requests. This is a good method for recording concerts.

  • Transfer services. We can transfer your old tapes and LP's to CD. We can transfer your old video tapes and films to DVD.

    [Recording Rig]

  • Full MIDI production capabilities. With 512 MIDI channels, 5 synthesizers, 3 drum units, a drum machine, 2 samplers and 4 keyboards, we have virtually everything one needs for song writing and composing. Because of the sequencing capabilities, all songs created using MIDI can be synchronized with ProTools and the analog 8-track machine for additional live and studio recording capabilities.

  • Karaoke recording. A popular trend these days is to bring in karaoke discs and then record your own vocal over it. Why take the simplistic route that leads to mistakes and additional time and costs? With our ProTools recording system, we can give you as many tries as you need and then edit it all together to get that perfect performance. We can re-EQ it to make your voice sound perfect, and then record the effects as well. Then we mix down the whole thing into a finished and perfect recording, as if you did it in a big expensive studio, but at a huge cost savings.

  • Additional services are available, ranging from simple to highly complex. Contact us for more information.
  • Recording services are done at an additional cost for live event production. Studio-type recording sessions are done at reduced rates compared to local recording facilities. With so many options available, you will not want to go anywhere else. One call does it all.
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