Professional Audio Services

Who are we? What are we about?

Studio42 has been in business since 1992, providing a wide variety of services for our clients. Starting as a simple BBS providing computer consulting services, to a recording and then live sound engineer, to a computer systems and networking expert. Studio42 is a multimedia and computer and data communications company, able to facilitate a wide range of clients and services.

Using a combination of both analog and digital technology, we are able to present to you the best possible sound system in its class at pricing affordable to the general public. Top of the line equipment, from our large format mixing console, our huge selection of microphones, to our very large main PA system, complete with a world class engineer at prices that let you hire the absolute best for all your events. Whether your event is a wedding, a party, a concert or festival, a fund rasing event, a speaker, bands looking to sound their best or anything else, you can hire and afford a top of the line sound company to handle your event. Why rent when you can have a professional sound company handle all the sound requirements for your event? In keeping with our full service policy, we do not offer equipment rentals or rental services. With Studio42 in full control of our equipment at all times, we ensure quality control and equipment in full working order on the day of your event.

Our chief engineer is a veteran live sound and studio engineer with a list of credits that include stage, studio, movies, television and radio. By choosing a system run by a professional and dedicated sound engineer, you get the advantage of a properly run sound system. Your audio needs are being handled by a dedicated engineer whose only job is to ensure excellent sound. We set the system up the same as they do for the big shows by big-name artists because that is our background. The system typically comes with a 4-person crew to help ensure a quick and proper set up of the entire system. If your requirements also include a band, we can have the stage pre-configured for the band as well, saving time when the band arrives and allowing more time for sound check instead of setting up. We do all of this at no additional cost to you. Bands enjoy working with a true professional audio company. You can download a sound production contract here. If you want us to provide the band, we have a contract for that as well. If you're ready to book an event, then please call us at 916-601-7089.

As the company has grown, the amount of services we provide has grown as well. In addition to the live sound services, we also offer recording services, karaoke services, lighting, video services. To preserve old memories, we also offer film transfer and videotape transfer services to create custom DVD's from your family films and video tapes. We also offer audio transfer services such as cassette, reel to reel and LP to CD. For our high tech clients, we also offer computer consulting, repair and network design, maintenance and support services.

We offer a wide variety of recording options, ranging from on-site stereo recording, to multi-track recording, as well as creating recording studio environments. Recording services are a wonderful way to document and preserve your event. Combine this with video services, we can create DVD's with audio and video for a more complete keepsake of your event, making weddings and other special events that much more special. Bands can use this service to create B-sides or even an entire live album. Using our Video services, bands can even have a music video or live concert DVD created for them.

If you would like Studio42 to record and preserve your next event, then please download our recording contract and call us to book your date right away!

For our clients who like to be the show, we offer karaoke services. Now you can be the star! We offer an ever expanding karaoke library, including a large Vietnamese karaoke catalog. Our karaoke service is complete with a video monitor and integrates with our world class sound system. Karaoke combined with our on-site stereo recording allows your guests to take home a CD audio recording of their performance. Add video service, and your guests can get a DVD or VHS of their performances to take home and enjoy. To schedule an evening of karaoke fun, download our karaoke contract and call to book your event date.

We offer a wide variety of transfer services to meet the many formats our clients may have. Many of our older clients have films that they wish to have transferred to DVD. We can transfer 16mm, 8mm and Super8 films and digitize them to computer to create custom DVD's for our clients. Clients with video tapes can also have DVD's made as well. We can transfer VHS, Betamax and MiniDV tapes, as well as Video8 and Hi8 video tapes. We can also transfer Betacam SP and U-Matic professional video tapes as well. Videotapes can be transfered directly to DVD or digitized to computer for editing and creating compilation DVDs. We also transfer a variety of audio formats that we can digitize to computer or transfer directly to CD, such as LP, cassette and reel to reel tapes. We provide an easy to download work order and shipping instructions to provide nationwide service for your films, tapes and LP's.

Our computer clients have one of the largest available selections of services. We have been working with computers for even longer than we have been dealing with professional audio. We cah help with computer repairs and services ranging from software problems, hardware and software upgrades, component replacements to full system builds and installation. With a strong networking background, we can help clients with their networks of any size and complexity, including file sharing and server integration. We are also experts in broadband networking and can help you get the most out of your DSL and cable internet access as well as protect you from internet attacks. For our more enterprise-type customers, we are familiar with routers, switches and permanent type circuits such as T1, PRI, Frame-Relay and other technologies. We are also experts on ISDN and dial-switch techology. Our clients have ranged from single computer owners to large Fortune 500 companies with 3000+ nodes and global locations.

Through arrangements with our various parters, we also provide a wide variety of additional services. These services include catering, hair, make-up and nails, barbering, document translation and creation services, desktop publishing, graphic design, video production, studio recording, floral, decorations and more. Check out our full selection of contracts and catalogs on this page.

If you are interested in hiring a company that believes in a "no compromise" philosophy, then give us a call.