Professional Audio Services

We offer a very complete service for karaoke. We offer a catalog that contains our current selection of Karaoke discs, as well as providing a 19" TV for lyric cueing. We also provide easy to use request sheets so you can make your requests and we can quickly get them ready for you. Add to that world class gear and a world class audio engineer, this is simply the best karaoke system you can get!

For our Vietnamese customers, we carry the complete U-Sing-Along Karaoke set on DVD. To complement this service, we also provide a catalog to select from. This is a very large selection of Vietnamese standards and favorites, as well as some American/Western standards and favorites, some being in English and Vietnamese.

For our younger Vietnamese audience, we do have a selection of more current and modern Vietnamese karaoke discs on DVD and VideoCD. We have family members who keep us informed of the latest and greatest in popular Vietnamese music and we try to remain current as much as possible. We also have a catalog to make selections easy.

For our American customers, we do offer a good selection of American music, ranging from the "Golden Oldies", American standards, popular music and even current songs from todays hit makers. With such a wide range to selection from, it is sure to please most American karaoke fans. We also provide a catalog with our song selections to make your selections easy to find.

We don't believe in limitations, and as a result have planned for it as much as possible. We do take requests and we will play your discs for you. We can handle CD, DVD, VideoCD and LaserDisc. Our main karaoke machine can play CD's, VideoCD's, CD+G discs, DVD's and LaserDiscs, which should provide the largest possible selection for karaoke media. We also have a dedicated CD player and cassette deck for additional options. Our main karaoke machine can also perform vocal removals* from most sources. By being able to remove vocals from your favorite CDs or tapes, we can provide the largest possible choice of selections.

For variety, we can also have our band provide the backing music while you sing. Make sure you have requested that our band perform for your event.

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U-Sing-Along Catalog | Current Vietnamese Catalog | American Music Catalog
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Vocal Removal Information

We can not guarantee the effectiveness of the vocal removal process. Vocal removal works to varying degrees dependent on the production methods and techniques used during recording, mixdown and mastering. Sometimes additional work to is required in order to remove vocals from source materials, which is impractical to do on-location. Sometimes vocal removals are impossible. If you have any special requests, please contact us ahead of time to schedule some time to address this issue before the event date.