Professional Audio Services

Information Page for DJ Services and DJ's

We are not a DJ service, we are a professional audio services company. However, if you are looking for us to play back music for you, then we are more than happy to accomodate. If you are interested, then please download our CD Library(Last updated: July 7, 2005)(440K) (Requires Adobe Acrobat). Music playback is not limited to what we currently have available. Based on customer requests, music that we want to have and new music, we update our database as new items are added. If you do not see what you are looking for, please contact us with your special requests. If you have music you would like us to play*, then we can also do that as well. Add our MC to your event, and you have a complete entertainment package!

Are you a DJ but do not have a sound system? We can help you.

Having a large sound system is a big investment. Being a DJ can also be quite a large investment as well. CD's and other media cost lots of money, and we're sure you've invested a lot of your hard earned dollars into building a large media collection. We know, we understand. We can help you.

Why not hire us for your sound requirements? We have the sound system you need for your events. Our sound system is powerful and compact, but has more than enough punch to keep the party going all night. Our subwoofers are very powerful and clean, tons of thump and bottom but won't sound muddy or boomy. The main speakers are crisp and clear and have a good throw, ensuring everyone hears the same thing.

We provide a combination CD player and cassette deck and a combination laserdisc/DVD/CD player that also does karaoke and vocal removals. Upon special request, we can also provide MiniDisc and additional CD players. We can incorporate DAT, turntables or any other audio equipment you provide. If you have a stack of CD's, you may not need to bring anything with you except those discs. At the main mix position, we provide a set of near-field studio monitors so you can preview the next CD and get it cued up, or you can use our AKG 240M studio headphones.

Our lighting rig helps add that extra touch for dances, which is what your audience wants. Simple, easy to use and includes a controller.

The sound system always includes our effects and outboard gear, as well as microphones. Use your choice of any wired or wireless microphones in our inventory for your MC/DJ needs. We also include a headworn wireless microphone.

Using our equipment can't be any easier. You get our head engineer and our second engineer and we will set up the entire sound and lighting system for you. We will also operate the lights and the sound boards for you as well. All you will need to do is give us the date, place and time we can show up to set-up, and we will be there waiting for you to show up with your CD's or your additional DJ equipment. Your equipment will easily integrate with the sound system.

Hire us for your next gig and leave all the hard work to us. We will make you sound good and your audience will love it.


Due to legal reasons, we will not play CDR's, CDRW's or recordable DVD's provided to us at events. Please do not ask as there are no exceptions to this rule. As we can not determine the legality or quality of the material on CDR's, CDRW's or recordable DVD's, we will not risk our investment. Poorly created discs, especially those made from downloaded MP3's, can damage our equipment. We can not take the time to make determinations at the event. We apologize for the inconvenience. We will gladly allow and play any commercially produced CD'S and DVD's.