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Information Page for DJ-Type Services

We are audio professionals, not DJ's

There are differences between what the mainstream considers to be a DJ, and what the industry considers to be a DJ.

There are two definitions of what a DJ is. DJ stands for "Disc Jockey", which came from the term used to describe radio people who played records. They would "spin discs". Later even as 8-track and cassette tapes came into the marketplace, radio people would still use vinyl as their playback medium of choice. These days this is all done by either CD's or calling up songs on a computerized system.

The mainstream definition of a DJ is the person who is playing music and sometimes engaging the audience with small events that involve audience participation. This will typically involve a sound system and a sizable collection of music, often only on CD, although some still choose to use vinyl. You will often see these sort of DJ's at parties and wedding receptions, and is the typical definition used for those saying they are DJ's.

The other definition of DJ is the "scratch DJ". This typically requires a larger investment in the playback equipment and will almost always involve one or more turntables. These people will be using the records as playback material and source material for sound effects and scratch effects. This is a more artistic version of DJ'ing and involves a high degree of technical skill. Many such DJ's are involved in competitions in which they compete with other DJ's to see who is more creative, skilled and technical.

However, we are different. We are not DJ's, our head engineer is an audio professional. He does not like being called a DJ. We are an audio services company. What we can do is we can set up our sound system and provide music playback services. We can take requests from what additional discs we are carrying with us, or can also take requests from those providing commercially produced CD's.

As audio professionals, we can provide services that DJ's typically can not. We can custom assemble songs for you in playlists based on requests you make and guidelines you set for us. We can assemble CD's for you for playback from your commercially produced CD's, which are yours to keep. This custom touch gives us more capability and flexibility over the typical DJ-services. When making custom CD's for playback at events, it is not unusual for our head engineer to spend over 40 hours preparing the discs and ensuring that things flow smoothly together.

To see our current selection of music available for you to choose from, please download our CD Database(September 2, 2005). Please check the date to ensure you have the latest version. We only keep the latest version available for download.

As was stated before, we can deal with customer provided CD's as well, provided they are commercially produced CD's. We can also consult and coordinate with you to have certain songs played for certain events or times.