Professional Audio Services

Planning a concert, show or large event?

Your event deserves the best. Studio42 has experience in concerts, festivals and other shows. Your audience is listening, and they deserve the best. Build your reputation as a quality concert promoter or organizer by going with a sound company that understands and knows what it takes to do the job right. We have done events from large to small, indoors and outdoors. Why trust your sound to anyone else?

The Three Fim-Am Tenors, David Cannady, Matthew Stewart, small indoor event.
Pictures and video

Studio42 has worked with world class entertainers, as well as signed acts and A-List clients. Studio42 also offers touring services for our clients on the road.

The Samples. Label-signed act, 2-day tour. See more pictures here
Zazen and Fwap, featuring Joaquin Lievano, Andy West and Hillary Jones. 3-day Tour.
Video and pictures from all 3 days here

Studio42 offers affordable rates, allowing small concert promoters to get world class sound production for their events. Complete service with mains, monitors, recording, lights and engineer can be possible even on small or limited budgets. Keeping things affordable make it possible for more people to book their events with Studio42. Download our sound production contract and take the first step in making your event a reality.

Hmong Hip-Hop/Rap concert in Fresno. Full mains, monitors and lighting service. Pictures and video are here.

Many non-profit groups organize concerts to help serve as fundraisers. Studio42 can offer price-discounted services to qualified charities and other non-profit groups to help them maximize their fundraising efforts. Discounted price doesn't mean discounted service. All clients get world class service and concert quality sound. If you're planning a fundraising event, you should download a sound production contract and book your event as soon as possible to ensure the best sound for your event.

Bay Area Christian Connection, Oakland, California. Concert for church fundraiser. Monitors, mains, and lighting services. More pictures and video here.

Studio42 has lots of experience with indoor shows. Studio42 also has experience with outdoor shows. Festivals, concerts and other multi-act events are no problem. We would be happy to handle your events, so why not download a sound production contract and book your event?

Koncert for Katrina Hurrican Relief Fundraiser. 5 Comics, 7 bands, outdoors. Mains and monitors. More pictures and video

Studio42 offers our services to anyone who wants world class concert quality sound. Some of our clients have been bands who simply want the best in equipment and engineer. We can help with pre-production or work with them at the concert itself. Why not download a sound production contract and book your event?

Casualty Park: Rehearsal for 2 club performances. Fox and Goose Club Date.Harlows Club Date.
Deciduous. CD release party and concert. Mains, monitors and Lighting. More pictures and video
"Maven", now called "Mr. Mitchell" for small club date, but did not pay Studio42. Sound and monitors. See more pictures

Studio42 can also handle multi-cultural events. We have been contacted by promoters for events in many languages. Here are some pictures from a few Vietnamese events:

Vietnamese New Years Concert, Silver Legacy Casino Grand Ballroom, Reno, Nevada. More pictures and video here
Hurricane Katrina Fundraiser Concert featuring many Vietnamese all-star entertainers. More pictures and video here.

Vietnamese Concert featuring Quang Le. More pictures available

Vietnamese Concert, local and regional performers

Studio42. More experience and better equipment at a price you can afford. Have your entire concert handled with just one phone call. Record your concert and open up more options and capabilities. Just download a sound production contract and book your event. Studio42 will handle the rest.